David Andersen has extensive and broad experience as a VP Design and Design Director.

David has worked successfully with all aspects of brand building, Design, reporting and business strategy. He has a structured approach to streamlining and optimizing business processes. David Andersen is a very creative and design-oriented person, always looking for a good idea.  

– 12 years’ experience as a Design Director and business development manager/ VP design.

–       Project management experience from implementing new brands and marketing branding. 

–       Always work to find the good idea and to create a success on the market.

–       Experience from Furniture and fashion industry and other industry with similar elements.

–       Strong analytical and structured approach to problem-solving

–       Inherent understanding of design disciplines across product, service, business and brand design

David Andersen is a regular member of the Red Dot Committee and represents fashion and lifestyle in collaboration with Jimmy Choo.

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